The Best Tech Pouches To Keep Your Electronics, Cables, And Other Peripherals Organized

As much as people talk about keeping their tech streamlined and clutter-free, anyone who travels with a lot of tech knows there’s nothing uncluttered about it. From cables and adapters to cards and hubs to laptop accessories and all sorts of small peripherals, your tech stash can get pretty unruly in short order. Sure, you can dump them all in the main compartment of a backpack and call it a day, but that’s almost always guaranteed to leave you with a mess. You can also go with a tech backpack, but that’s a little overkill when you only have a quarter of a backpack’s worth of gear to carry.

If you want to organize your everyday stockpile of electronics, a tech pouch is often the best route to get there. Designed specifically to organize modern tech gear, these storage pouches come with multiple compartments that let you square away every cable, card, dongle, and whatever other small gadget you have in their own place, keeping them separated yet easily accessible.

The best tech pouches don’t just organize your gear – it protects them, too. Often, they’ll have padded interiors that can absorb some amount of impact, all while having soft lining to prevent leaving your devices with any sort of nicks and scratches. Even better, the best tech pouches often aren’t restricted to tech – you can also use them as a pouch for all your everyday carry, allowing you to keep all the doodads you haul around all day in one place.

These are the best tech pouches to keep your everyday electronics, cables, and peripherals organized.

UGreen Electronics Travel Organizer

This hard shell tech pouch offers rigid protection for any gadgets you keep inside, making it a good choice if you’re worried about other stuff on the backpack pressing down on the pouch. Inside, you get a deep main compartment with an adjustable divider, so you can customize how your main storage area is laid out, while a floating wall on top of it offers multiple mesh pockets for various small items. The lid comes with a wide mesh pocket on the inside, too, so it does a good job of maximizing the amount of space inside. The downside here is the lack of loops, so you’ll have to tidy up the cables on your own before stashing it inside, lest risk having it strewn all over when you open the pouch. It comes with a clip for hanging on bag straps and a carry handle.

Thule Subterra PowerShuttle

This affordably-sized tech pouch measures 8.3 x 5.7 x 2.8 inches (width x height x thickness) when closed, making it an ideal size for cradling in hand or squeezing inside the main compartment of your backpack. There’s also a handle on top, so you can carry it by hand comfortably. Designed to open like a clamshell, it lays out all its pockets for easily organizing and retrieving all your tech. Inside, it has a large pouch with a zippered front pocket and plenty of room on top of them, while the other side gets a large zippered pocket, four cable loops, and a pen loop. There doesn’t seem to be any padded section for stashing a smartphone, but all other gadgets without a sensitive screen should be fine here. A large mesh pocket also sits outside for any stuff you want to be able to reach for in a jiffy. There’s also a larger version if you have more tech to carry.

Tripped Travel Gear Tech Bag

This tech pouch carries and opens like a dopp kit, revealing a connected series of pockets inside that prevent it from opening flat. However, with the pockets all stretched open, it’s easy to see and retrieve any gear you need all the same. Inside, you get a smattering of pockets both big and small, including one zippered pocket at the center (with an inner pocket for memory cards) and one zippered mesh pocket on one side. When opened, it’s very easy to see all the contents of the pouch (other than the zippered center pocket, of course), so you don’t have to dig through anything to find that particular cable, charger, or adapter you’re looking for, while over a dozen compartments make it easy to organize all the gear you have in tow. It’s made using water-resistant 900D polyester with weather-proof YKK zippers, leather accents, and light padding for protection.

Aer Cable Kit 2

No, cables aren’t the only things you can fit inside this tech pouch from Aer. Heck, you can fit a point and shoot in there if you want, as the clamshell interior offers one wide zippered pocket, one tall zippered pocket, one solid pouch, two stretch mesh pockets, a pair of elastic straps, and even a pen loop. There’s also a secondary zippered compartment that can fit a small tablet, a vlogging camera, or your favorite Kindle, with an extra pocket inside for additional organization. Lastly, there’s an exterior zippered pocket that should fit a large phone comfortably. Yeah, there’s a lot of room in here. Features include an 840D nylon shell, 1680D ballistic nylon sides, Duraflex hardware, and soft woven lining.

Buy Now – $50

Away The Tech Case

This compact tech pouch measures just 6.3 x 4.7 x 3 inches (width x height x thickness), making it very easy to carry by hand or slip in a bag. It looks like one of those cases people use to carry CDs (or DVDs) from back in the day. Except, instead of having CD sleeves inside, it has one large cavernous main compartment where you can easily fit larger devices, with a zippered mesh cover making it easy to make out whatever stored inside at a glance. On the id, you get three elastic loops (one big, two small) for securing smaller accessories. Yes, those sound pretty basic appointments and that’s the point – it’s designed to store a few pieces of tech in a clean and organized manner. Do note, if you carry a bit more tech as part of your daily stash, you’ll probably need something bigger (or a second tech pouch).

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Bellroy Desk Caddy

This tech pouch doesn’t have nearly as many storage sections as other options in the list. However, if you want a smaller tech pouch sized to fit a minimum stash of gear, this is definitely the way to go. The layout is simple: you get a main pouch that’s divided into four sections (two big, two small), a slim pouch behind it, and a zippered pocket on the opposite side. That’s it. What makes it special is the unique design that allows the pouch to stand upright on a desk with a full unobstructed view of all its contents, allowing you to use it like a desk organizer for your tech once you’re at the office.

Bellroy Tech Kit

If you like Bellroy’s aesthetic, but prefer a more conventional tech pouch design, maybe this folio-style case will be more along your tastes. Designed with a clamshell opening, it gives you unfettered access to its litany of compartments, with include a magnetic slip pocket, floating wall with elastic loops and small pockets, stretch mesh pockets, and more. There’s not as many compartments here as some options in the list, but it does make the most of the space. Personally, we’d go with this if you carry electronics like power banks and external hard drives, as it has the right-sized storage for those bigger items, while also having proper appointments for smaller accessories.

Nomatic McKinnon Camera Tech Organizer

For those carrying bigger electronic accessories, standard tech pouches may not quite fill the need. That’s where this camera tech pouch comes in with its deep main compartment and customizable dividers allowing you to tailor the main storage area to accommodate the exact sizes and shapes of your gear. There’s a floating wall cover with wide elastic loops on one side for securing accessories, as well as zippered clear pockets on the inside of the lid. Want easy access exterior pockets? It has those, too, including a water-resistant one for your phone, a mid-sized pocket, and a smaller pocket for memory cards. It has a soft yet slightly rigid shell that should offer protection for its contents, while polyethylene-coated nylon construction ensures it keeps moisture at bay.

Evergoods Civic Access Pouch 2L

We’ll be honest. This tech pouch feels more like a case than a pouch, but if you have plenty of electronics that need tidying up, this will definitely get the job done. The reason it feels like a case is because the bag is designed to stand on its own courtesy of its padded foam construction, complete with a zippered lid that’s designed to be opened with one hand. When opened, the lid flips back towards the side, allowing you easy access to all of the pouch’s contents. Inside, it gets a central divider that also happens to be a zippered pocket, while each side gets multiple pockets to give you plenty of organization options. The underside of the lid also has a zippered mesh pocket for even more storage (complete with a key leash), while a zippered opening at the lid lets you access that mesh pocket without opening the bag. Because of the size, they put the carry handle on the side, which works well enough.

Buy Now – $75

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