Bluetti AC240 Power Station Vows to Deliver Power in Any Weather Condition

Bluetti is one of the leading names in portable power solutions, having released several popular power stations for RVs, campsites, and other outdoor adventures. Their latest, the Bluetti AC240, is designed to provide power on-the-go even in the toughest weather conditions.

Boasting system-wide IP65 water- and dust-resistance, the power station is equipped with multiple safeguards against ingress, including independent air ducts, fully-sealed electronic compartments, integrated drainage, vacuum-coated fans, daul-layer protected ports, and even an exhaust fan that works with the heat dissipation system to swiftly expel any moisture that’s able to penetrate, ensuring you can enjoy electric creature comforts against the harshest elements. Whether you need power for a boating trip on the ocean, a summit campsite high up in the mountains, or a desert RV adventure, this thing should be able to handle what the elements have to offer while supplying your good with much-needed power.

The Bluetti AC240 has a 2,400W power output, allowing you to concurrently plug-in multiple appliances, including fridges, ACs, electric ovens, and more, complete with a “powerlifting” mode that can boost it to 3,600W in short bursts, if needed. It houses a 1,536Wh battery that, according to the outfit, holds enough power to run a 20 cubic foot fridge for an entire day, so this thing packs a lot of juice, despite measuring just 16.5 x 11.6 x 16.1 inches. You can also connect up to four of Bluetti’s B210 batteries to expand the capacity to a whopping10,136 Wh.

Two standard AC outlets are available right on the device, along with a NEMA TT-30 port, a car outlet, a 12V/30A RV port, two USB-C, and two USB-A slots, so you can plug in a number of devices at the same. The NEMA and RV ports should be very useful for owners of RVs and boats, since that allows it to seamlessly integrate into the vehicle’s off-grid power systems, instantly providing juice to the multiple onboard outlets.

The Bluetti AC240 also supports parallel connections, so you can hook up a second AC240 unit to double the amount of power on tap. In this setting, it can deliver a whopping 4,800W in one go without altering the voltage, so you can operate large power-hungry appliances without having to fiddle with any manual settings. It also supports a parallel connection to the grid for charging, so you can continue to use your appliances while you’re replenishing the batteries’ stores. Do note, output goes down to 4,000W in this mode, which is still quite aplenty.

It can charge in a variety of ways, too, from solar and wall outlets to car chargers and generators. According to the outfit, charging from an AC power source can go up to 80 percent in 45 minutes, while hooking up to a 24V car outlet takes 7.3 hours for 100 percent charge (double that for a 12V outlet). Other features include a 1,200W max solar input, a companion app for remote management and control, and UPS function that activates in just 15ms.

The Bluetti AC240 is available now, priced at $1,399.

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