Logitech Wave Keys Promises All-Day Ergonomic Typing Comfort

Logitech is no stranger to ergonomic keyboards, having released the Ergo K680 a while back. To the unfamiliar, that keyboard uses a fixed spilt layout with a highly-pronounced curve between each side. This time around, they’re further expanding their ergonomic keyboard line with the Logitech Wave Keys.

No, it’s not a successor to their previous ergonomic keyboard. Instead, it’s actually a different design, likely aimed at the folks who didn’t quite vibe with the fixed split curve configuration of that peripheral. For this one, they ditched the split design entirely, instead focusing on giving the keyboard a wavy shape that, supposedly, repositions the keys so that they prompt the user to place their hands in a more natural typing position.

The Logitech Wave Keys sport a pretty funky shape that curves up and curves down at various points in the keyboard’s layout, so it’s not quite a simple single wave like we’ve seen in previous peripherals. It’s a pretty unusual profile that, from what we can tell, has been deliberately shaped based on the way most people’s hands end up positioned on the keyboard. Will it feel strange typing on this? Not at all. In fact, the outfit claims this unique shape will feel instantly familiar to most any regular keyboard user, all while placing your hands, wrists, and forearms in a natural position while you’re typing. The result is a stress-free typing posture that will allow you to type all day without any discomfort.

It comes with an integrated wrist rest that offers three layers of cushioning to support that area while you type. At the bottom layer is deep memory foam for comfortable support, with a middle layer that’s designed to disperse any pressure. The top layer is a soft cushion with a gentle feel that’s covered in a material you should be able to wipe clean at any time throughout the day.

The Logitech Wave Keys has an 1800 compact layout, which combines the navigation keys with the number pad to fit all the keys in a small profile. According to the outfit, they chose this size, so users can bring their mouse closer to the body, which puts their shoulder in a more natural position for alternating the use of their right hand between the keyboard and the mouse. The keyboard, by the way, was developed as part of the outfit’s ERGO Series of ergonomic products, so it’s best paired with peripherals also released under the same line.

It works with a variety of platforms, namely Windows, macOS, Linux, iPadOS, ChromeOS, and Android 9.0, so you can use this with laptops, desktops, tablets, and even smartphones. Designed for wireless connectivity, you can pair it either over Bluetooth or using the included Logi Bolt USB receiver, with the ability to connect with up to three devices simultaneously and switch among them by simply pressing a button. It runs on two AAA batteries, a fresh pair of which will last it up to 36 months of standard use.

The Logitech Wave Keys is available now, priced at $59.99.

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