Tiki Tag Combines Motion and Temperature Sensors for Your Own Custom Projects

It looks like a small power bank. You know, the kind that you can carry in your pocket to give your mobile devices a quick boost of juice throughout the day. However, the Tiki Tag is actually a versatile IoT device that makes it easy to customize various smart functions both inside and outside your home.

Equipped with a motion sensor, a temperature sensor, and a Bluetooth 5.0 radio, the device continually reports its readings to a companion app, which you can use to receive alerts for various things you want to keep tabs on. Want to know whenever your gun safe is opened? This thing can do that. How about detecting when the temperature in your children’s room drops to a certain level? It can do that, too, along with a whole host of other applications.

The Tiki Tag is a small device measuring 2.3 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches (height x width x thickness) that you can mount on various surfaces either by screwing them down (there are built-in screw holes) or affixing them using double-sided tape. Its main function is motion detection, as it can detect any kind of movement in the immediate vicinity, allowing it to recognize whenever a door is opened, an object is moved, or whenever a person passes by an area.

Not only can it detect motion, it can log each one, too, allowing it to keep a count of how many times movement is made. Want to know how many people enter your store throughout the day? You can use this to keep track of that. How about counting the number of times your son actually uses that expensive smart space telescope he begged you to get for his birthday? You’ll probably be disappointed, but you can definitely get the number for that.

The Tiki Tag also comes with a temperature sensor that consistently sends its readings to the app in real-time. Put one in your freezer to keep tabs of any unusual changes, which can happen when its gets unplugged from the wall outlet or someone forgets to close the door. It can keep a log of all readings, too, which it can show as a temperature graph for whatever purpose that might serve. Do note, it doesn’t support an unlimited number of tags the same way some smart home apps do. Instead, it can only connect and manage up to three devices at a time.

It runs on a single button cell battery, which is installed right on the board inside the enclosure. According to the outfit, the included cell is enough to keep the device running for up to two years, although you’ll likely need to replace it with a fresh cell after that. Don’t worry, replacing is as simple as replacing the button cell on a desktop motherboard, so it’s a straightforward process. Other features include a fully waterproof build, UV protection, and a Bluetooth range of up to 500 feet, although that will depend on the kind of obstacles in the way.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Tiki Tag. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $39.

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