Logitech Reach Webcam Comes With A Stand That Allows It To Quickly Reposition For Framing Any Angle Around It

Mounting on your 4K webcam on top of a monitor gives you a great angle for appearing on video calls and desktop recordings. Problem is, it gets a good angle if you’re sitting right in front of the monitor, instead of somewhere else in the space. That’s why we’ve seen solutions like the CA Essential Webcam that uses an extendable arm on its monitor mount to let you move the webcam in different was. Instead of putting an arm on a monitor mount, the Logitech Reach pairs the webcam with an articulating stand that allows you to move it in various positions.

Billed as “the most flexible show and tell camera,” the device allows you to adjust the camera horizontally and vertically, as well as pivot it a full 360-degree range using just a single hand. This makes it a lot easier to use for people who want to use a webcam to do more than stream themselves sitting on a chair, as you can quickly show off your surroundings from any angle. Want to show off the view across your desk? Just swivel the camera 180 degrees and you’re good. How about an overhead shot of the new Pokemon cards on your desk or the leak dripping from the ceiling? Just move the webcam with one hand and you’ve got the shot you want.

The Logitech Reach combines a 1080p webcam with an articulating stand that allows for a variety of movements. The webcam shoots in full HD at 60 fps, with enhanced glass optics, smart autofocus system that ensures the subject is framed clearly at all times, and 4.3x lossless zoom. It’s supposedly an enhanced version of the Logitech Steamcam, which also has a 3.7mm focal length, a 78-degree field of view, and dual omnidirectional mics with noise reduction filter for the accompanying audio capture.

The biggest difference, of course, compared to other webcams is the included stand, which uses a pair of arms to allow the camera to move across both vertical and horizontal planes. Even better, the movement is made while mounted on the arm, so it moves steadily the whole time, with no shakes or jitters, enabling smooth, dynamic video. There’s even built-in guidance indicators to help you ensure the camera’s framing stays at the same angle while you’re moving it. The entire stand can be swiveled a full 360 degrees, too, so you can pan it across the room, while the camera itself can pivot in place for tilting up or down the full 360-degree range. Yeah, the stand is the real star of the show here.

According to Logitech, the Logitech Reach should work plug-and-play with Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS, as well as with all of the popular videoconferencing software and streaming platforms in the market. It also ships with an edge clamp, in case you want to affix the stand to the edge of your desk for an even more stable setup.

The Logitech Reach will be an experimental product for the outfit. As such, they’re planning to crowdfund it, instead of releasing it like normal Logitech products. You can learn more from the link below.

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