Coros Dura Bike Computer Offers a Whopping 120 Hours of Battery Life Between Charges

Coros has been one of the active player GPS sports watch space, with one of their models even making it in our list of the best adventure-focused GPS watches. This time around, the outfit is jumping into the bike computer space with the Coros Dura.

That’s right, Coros now makes a bike computer and it’s definitely an interesting one, with an MIP color touchscreen, physical controls for easy adjustments on the go, and a rich set of features. Even better, it provides all that while coming at an attractive price point, potentially making this a serious contender among cyclists looking for a new bike computer.

The Coros Dura has a 2.7-inch MIP screen with adaptive backlighting that ensures it can stay visible even in direct sunlight, with a fully customizable interface, so you can choose the screen layout you need at any point in the ride. Screen features include a resolution of 400 x 240 pixels, a 64-color palette, and memory LCD, so it always powers up to the same last screen as the last time you turned it off. There’s full touchscreen support, so you can just tap and swipe onscreen, although there’s also a dial and a button on the side that you can use for more tactile controls, which will probably be easier to use while you’re in the middle of a ride.

There’s dual-frequency satellite tracking with auto-GPS mode selection, so you can good geolocation data, albeit probably not always as precise as the top-end bike computers with multi-band GNSS tech. It has built-in offline maps with turn-by-turn direction, so you can use it to find your way across different roads and trails, complete with smart rerouting using real-time Google Maps data, checkpoints, climb details, and even deviation alerts. You can create preset routes using the Coros app, as well as download them from compatible apps, such as Strava, Kommot, Ride with GPS, Relive, Final Surge, and Decathlon.

The Coros Dura offers what will be the best battery performance we’ve seen on a GPS bike computer, with the outfit touting a whopping 120 hours of ride time with full GPS running between charges. There’s an integrated solar panel on the device, by the way, which, the outfit claims, stretches battery life an extra two hours for every hour it’s exposed to sunlight. It also has both Bluetooth and ANT+, allowing it to pair with all sorts of external sensors, such as power meters, cadence sensors, heart rate monitors, and more.

When used with the companion app, the system gives you access to a variety of training features, including functional threshold power testing, training load measurements, cycling workout design, and training plan creation. Other features include direct syncing with various health apps (Strava, Apple Health, Health Connect), phone notifications, music control, and 32GB of onboard storage (which is good for 1,200 hours’ worth of data), It supports road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, ebikes, electric mountain bikes, and indoor bike trainers.

The Coros Dura is available now, priced at $249.

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