Surface Duo 2 Leaks With Huge Triple Camera

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Microsoft has tried time and time again to make a successful smartphone, and thus far, it has failed. The Microsoft Surface Duo Android phone was the company’s most recent attempt, and now the sequel has allegedly leaked in all its glory. It looks similar to the current Duo, with the notable exception of the camera. While the original Duo was super slim, the new leak features a big honkin’ camera hump. The Duo certainly needed more imaging might, but this might not be the way to do it. 

The new leak shows a device that has a lot in common with the old Duo. It’s a folding phone, but not like Samsung’s foldables. It’s a dual-screen device with a laptop-style hinge in the middle. It still has the smooth, unremarkable chassis, but the glass is reportedly matte now. 

Of course, the big change is the camera setup. The Surface Duo didn’t even have an external camera. Instead, you were expected to use the inward-facing selfie camera that was above the right display. You could fold that screen back so the lens pointed in the right direction, but it was still an awkward experience. So, at least that won’t be a problem anymore, but the addition of that triple-camera module makes the device look much bulkier. 

We don’t know much about the nature of the cameras in the Duo 2 beyond the general classes. Windows Central reports that it’ll be a standard, ultrawide, and telephoto setup. That’s a relief, as many supposedly premium devices are falling back to useless macro and depth sensors to boost the camera count. Interestingly, the camera housing is angled inward toward the hinge just a bit. The reason is unclear, but it might have something to do with the way the device folds over. The original Surface Duo could fold flat to feel more like a regular smartphone. That might not be possible here. 

The leak also includes a few details on the specs of the Duo 2, and potential buyers will be relieved to hear it’s all high-end stuff. Yes, that’s a surprise because Microsoft used mostly year-old parts in the original Duo. This phone will have a Snapdragon 888, 5G, and NFC, all of which were missing from the previous device. Pricing and availability are still unknown at this time, but the leak suggests September or October. That will put it up against the latest iPhones, as well as updated Samsung foldables. Hopefully, Microsoft can shave the price down — the $1,400 debut pricing for the first Duo was not well-received.

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