Sony Unveils DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

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(Photo: Sony)It’s always nice when a company listens to its customers. PlayStation 5 users have been asking for a pro-level controller ever since the console hit shelves, and according to Sony’s latest announcement, their prayers have finally been answered.

In a blog post published Tuesday, Sony debuted the DualSense Edge, a customizable PS5 controller designed to let users “craft [their] own unique gaming experience.” Its controls are ultra-customizable: Users will be able to reduce or increase the dead zone (the amount a controller must be moved before the action is recognized in-game) on each trigger as well as adjust the triggers’ travel distance. Remapping and deactivating individual button controls is fair game, as is adjusting stick sensitivity.

Speaking of buttons, the DualSense Edge has new ones. Two “back buttons” sit below a pair of sliders, which can be used to manually adjust the aforementioned dead zones and travel time. These customization options are intended to provide users with a competitive edge in their favorite games and can be saved specifically for each title. When a user is done using the carefully reduced trigger dead zone for Gran Turismo 7, all they need to do is press the new Fn button to swap in another controller preset. They’ll even be able to test new customization configurations in-game with a controller profile settings menu.

The DualSense Edge has two new back buttons and two sliders, the latter of which can be used to personalize control options manually. (Photo: Sony)

But that’s not where the personalization options end. The controller will come with two different types of back buttons and three different options for the stick caps, offering users the ability to customize their controller’s ease of use. Users will even be able to configure front-facing button controls to the new back buttons if they wish.

The DualSense Edge will ship with a case to house all of these components, plus a braided USB-C cord built to lock into the controller while charging so as not to slip out accidentally. Sony hasn’t yet said how much this kit will cost, but if it’s anything like Microsoft’s customizable Xbox Elite 2 (the DualSense Edge’s obvious competitor), it’ll probably go for $150 to $200.

The standard PS5 controller is already really good, with its responsive haptic feedback, springy and adaptive triggers, and built-in mic. A customizable version of that, in all its new-button glory, will be a welcome addition to the console gaming repository—once Sony figures out when it’ll be released, that is.

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